Thank you to everyone for a wonderful year! Join us in thanking our outgoing Executive and Governing Board for a great 2014 - 2015 year. We had the privilege to give out over $14,000 in scholarships and welfare grants this year. 

An accomplishment like this is greatly due to fundraising from our PSC general membership, community donations and hard working Board. Thank you to the outgoing Board: Mrs. Liz Rossi, Mrs. Chrisi Cardenas, Mrs. Christen Stasevich, Mrs. Elizabeth Perez, Mrs. Abigal Hohut, Mrs. Elizabeth Mateja, Mrs. Melissa Matallana, Mrs. Jenn Switaj, Mrs. Jen Dawber, Mrs. Melissa Pederson, Mrs. Judy Kelley, Mrs. Shawn Matthews, Mrs. Demra Ashmore, Mrs. Maggie Burnett, Mrs. Kyra Ann Franklin, Mrs. Lusica Hankins, Mrs. Melissa Diley, Mrs. Kerry Manneck, Mrs. Lauren Fultz, and Mrs. Kendra Nedd.

Make sure to fill out our membership form for the next year of dues! The incoming Executive Board will be working with in the incoming Governing Board over the summer to make 2015 - 2016 a great year! If you have any questions let us know. We'll see you in August!

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